Alta Vista Mental Health (AVMH) outpatient behavioral health center with an integrated treatment model of wrap-around services offering mental health, substance abuse and medical treatment for adult clients who have been determined to be some of the most challenging and/ or vulnerable in our Reno/Sparks area.

AVMH Clients

Our clients are often those who have not been successful in other traditional models of treatment and who present with multiple issues including homelessness, lack of supports, minimal resources, and dual diagnosis issues. The clients have multiple encounters with the criminal justice system and inadequate follow through with behavioral health providers without intensive case management.

Referrals and Treatment

Many referrals are made by the police, MOST team, hospitals, homeless shelters, Reno Justice Court, Mental Health Court, NNAMHS, Washoe County Crossroads Program, and other agencies that need additional resources to focus on the high acuity of these clients. AVMH collaborate with various agencies around the Reno/ Sparks area as a part of the Behavioral Health Community Network and pride ourselves on sharing resources with other agencies.  As our clients have not had much success in other more traditional treatment settings, our approach to treatment is within the community and is not bound by an office setting.  Our team has found that it is more successful to engage this targeted population in the community setting (i.e. client homes, transitional housing settings, homeless shelters or safe-houses) and bring the services directly to them.