Comprehensive Outpatient Mental Health Care Services for Eligible Adult Recipients

  • Assessments
  • Medication Management with a psychiatrist
  • Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment
  • Therapy with a licensed clinician
  • Drug & Alcohol Counseling
  • Crisis Interventions
  • Case-Management
  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation
  • Basic Skills Training
  • Groups
  • Supportive Services
  • Housing (Long-term transitional)
  • Recreation Therapy
  • Employment and Educational Support

Steps Program

This initial step is meant to help clients gain basic functioning of stability in their lives.

Linkage/ Referrals to resources to assist client in stabilizing.


Step One: Stabilization
Medication management with a psychiatrist
Therapy with a Clinician
Begin one-on-on work with a rehab specialist.


Step Two: Values Identification
Short term goals are identified.
Clients are assisted in the process of identifying what their values are.
Client begins a “Values Driven Rehabilitation”.


Step Three: Values Living
Long term goals are identified
Clients will be able to start working with more macro interventions i.e. Vocational Rehabilitation for education and work purposes.