Our Team of Professionals



Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LSCW and Interns)

Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT and Interns)

Registered Nurse

Licensed Drug & Alcohol Counselors (LDAC and Interns)


Psychosocial Rehabilitation Workers

Employment Specialist

Support Staff

Peer Support Advocates

We believe in a wrap-around treatment model in which clients can receive all of their behavioral health care needs under one roof. Our multidisciplinary treatment team offers better continuity of care with better outcomes for our clients.


Dr. Kaunismaki Dr. DeKay



AJ Coronella-Clinical Director

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


April Lang-Barroga

Marriage & Family Therapist


Roger Hardin

Marriage & Family Therapist Intern

Leah Boe

Marriage & Family Therapist Intern

Diana Mancilla

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Melanie Wilkins

Clinical Social Work Intern


Case Managers

Megan Aguayo  Elana Alban   Cara Clabaugh
Alyssa Fajayan  Alissa Garcia  Noelle Gravallese
 Lisa Hardin  Kendra Jackson  Catherine Lazantin
 Andrea Thoms  Brigette Villalobos  Hercules Ward

Administrative Staff

Christie White Shawn White Laurence Salsedo
Michelle Bresee